ATM Switch interface

Dear All,

We are going to install ATM switch interface which linux platform is best …

I am waiting for your best opinion …


Seems the atm.ko module is part of the kernel, so it doesn’t really matter which distro … take your pick, and use what you’re comfortable with.

If it’s going to be used in a production environment and is going to used for a long time without updating, I’d go for Debian or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS … but that’s just my preference … if you’re more comfortable with a Red Hat based distro, use one :slight_smile:

I do know that there are:-

atm-tools = Base programs for ATM in Linux, the net-tools for ATM
br2684ctl = Utility for configuring RFC 2684 ATM/Ethernet bridging
libatm1 = shared library for ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)

in Ubuntu (so will also be in Debian)

but I’d expect them to be in all distros.