backspace key

running LM 16 cinnamon

in firefox I can use the backspace button to go back a page, same as tapping the back arrow button.

is it possible to get this to work in chromium?


The standard convention for keyboard shortcut back button on Chromium under Linux is Alt-Left key, but you could check this out if you must have backspace as the key ( (old link, can’t check validity)

I would have thought there’s something seriously wrong if you can use “just” the backspace key to go to a previous page.

So you’re filling in a web form or entering your password for a site, and you make a typo … you can’t use backspace to correct it without getting whisked to another web page ???

Sure as hell doesn’t use backspace in Firefox in Peppermint :o
(Alt + Arrow keys)

HI Mark
in firefox, if your curser is in a in any sort of box (for typing etc) backspace acts normal.
so if your typing and make a typo it will just delete one letter at a time and will not bring he curser out the box.
If your curser is not in any sort of dialogue box it will go back a page.
its just convenient and quicker to do it with one hand, instead of using the touchpad (for me).


Sure as hell doesn’t use backspace in Firefox in Peppermint :o
(Alt + Arrow keys)

I thought this was a browser thing, not a OS thing.

Chemicalfan, the link still works, but when it says apply, it comes up saying, it can access your data in all websites. so I’ll give that a miss,
but thanks anyway.


It may be a browser thing, but there’s nothing stopping a distro changing a browsers default settings in their repositories … all I know is I can guarantee on my Peppermint 4 system running Firefox (26), backspace doesn’t do anything.

Peppermint do NOT have Firefox in their own repositories, it comes directly from the Ubuntu repo’s … so I can only assume it’s something Mint are doing either by distributing a version of Firefox with changed settings, or possibly by some other method.

I suppose there’s always the possibility that something in Peppermint is intercepting the backspace event … but that would make little sense, or backspace would never work properly … (as you’d expect) it’s not mapped to any keyboard shortcuts.

BTW Mark.
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