Batch Resize in The GIMP

If you use the GIMP, and want to resize a LOT of pictures in one go… install gimp-plugin-registry then follow these instructions:

Start Gimp. Access the Batch file plugin via the Filters > Batch > Batch Process menu

If you want to resize and output to a different directory, make sure you change the settings on ALL 4 of the following tabs, BEFORE selecting ‘Start’ (by default it will output to the same directory and convert to BMP)

Input tab - Select files to add to the batch
Resize tab - Select the size you want (and enable)
Output tab - Select file type (BMP, JPG etc.)
Rename tab - Select dir (directory for output)

It can do a lot more than just resize… Turn, Blur, Colour, Resize, Crop, Sharpen and Rename… or any combination of these.

More info here:

I realise this is old, but So am I.
Just want to say thank you for this, I have been using Mihov which only runs on win*


Ooh, that’s handy to know. Up until now I was using two seperate programs, Gimp and Pixresizer (or whatever it’s called). Then again, I’ve also been using XP for far too long! :stuck_out_tongue: