Bayer Contour USB

THis is a very new and brilliant product for diabetics, helping them to monitor blood sugar etc.

It is supplied as a hardware unit with firmware for Windows & MAC, but not Linux (they say so).

Can anyone suggest what we could do to get it with Linux?

Do we need to lobby or can someone rewrite if they get the proprietary software?

Does anyone know the Bayer people who made the kit & can twist their arm?



Rewriting proprietary closed source software would be illegal… and I doubt if you will get Bayer to open source the software, so your only real alternatives are to lobby Bayer for a Linux native solution (good luck), or to attempt to get it to run in WINE.

Some people here are having a go at the WINE route:

According to Bayer customer services:

As of present, there are no plans to open source the Glucofacts Deluxe software.

I emailed Bayer, asking if they knew of a working solution for Linux or if they had any plans to support Linux in the near future.

This is their response,

[i]Subject --------------------------------------------------------------- Contour USB Linux software/firmware ?

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Response (Syvel) - 02/24/2011 06:31 PM
Dear Mr. Greaves,

Thank you for your e-mail to the Bayer HealthCare web site.

With regards to your question, the Bayer Contour USB meter will not work with Linux software and there are no future plans yet regarding this. Currently, the monitor is designed to work with Windows and Mac operating systems.

We are committed to helping you simplify your life with Diabetes.


Bayer HealthCare, Customer Service[/i]

Maybe they think it’s a “simple” matter to raise another £114.29 (Win7 home premium on Amazon) to use their device.

I had explained that I personally wasn’t a diabetic.

Standard “Customer Services” response form ?

Surely this is a chance for Bayer to show some real “commitment” to less well off members of the worldwide community.

I would also have thought that making a Linux version of their Glucofacts Deluxe software would have opened up new markets for them.