Before I install peppermint 3

Hi Mark

I’m hoping to install P3 this w/e time permitting,
a couple of questions,
on your line
sudo apt-get install firefox vlc libreoffice-calc libreoffice-writer thunderbird apt-xapian-index skype pidgin
i take it that the ones I dont want ie thunderbird skype pidgin, i just leave them off.
can I add google earth to the list or do I have to install it as your instructions,
because a couple of sites i go on have been hacked(android forums) i,ve looked at cancelling all sites I dont use, the only one i cant see how to cancel is thunderbird
I,m probably missing something simple, any advice would be appreciated,



Yup just leave what you don’t want out of the list.

Google Earth is in the multiverse repository, so as long as you’ve followed the tutorial step-by-step, just add googleearth-package t the list.

so your command should read:

sudo apt-get install firefox vlc libreoffice-calc libreoffice-writer apt-xapian-index googleearth-package

As for deleting or changing the password for your email account … I can’t answer that without knowing your email provider.

Thanks for your reply
Its only the thunderbird account i want to delete not my email account, I could just not install it, but it would still have a password and possibly my id, which is no big problem, I’m just trying to keep things in order, with so many sites being hacked ie last fm, yahoo, and even dropbox

I think you’re misunderstanding what Thunderbird does.

If someone as “hacked” [sic] your email account … you need to change the password on the mail servers for that account … they will NOT have access to anything you’re already downloaded to the thunderbird account on your PC … they have NOT “hacked” your PC.

You’re also misunderstanding what will happen when you install Peppermint 3 … the settings from Peppermint 2 will NOT be transferred across, so if you install Thunderbird it will have NO account settings till you add them.

thanks for making that clear

I’ll let you know how the install goes


No problem :slight_smile: … and yeh, I’d be interested to know how things go … good luck, not that you’ll need it :slight_smile:

hi mark
installed os yesterday, so easy for an old man like me with tour tutorial…

a couple of things, again I could not get universal usb creator to work, but Linux Live usb creator worked a dream,

Only, 2 problems (not bad)

  1. Firefox didnt install correct, when I access it, it comes up with the 404 error,
    but I’ve decided to uninstall because thinking about it, i hardly ever use it now, so if you could be so kind as to put up the code to uninstall I would be grateful

  2. When I close the lid which puts the AA1 to sleep, then open the lid press a key to wake it up, i get a password request from the xscreensaver .
    this doesnt come up when i boot up, only when its been to sleep,
    I might be missing something simple, but its annoying.

all in all so far impressed, seems quicker than peppermint 2 and if its as reliable, i will be well pleased,
going to install on my old desktop next,

thanks for everything and congrats on becoming a mod on the peppermint forum.


Thanks banko :slight_smile:

I have a feeling that firefox will work perfectly … it’s ust the deault homepage URL that’s broken … open firefox and enter this in the address bar:

then hit enter … does it take you to iGoogle ? … if so, set that (or any other page) as your homepage.

But uust in case you still want/need to remove Firefox …

Uninstalling Firefox …

sudo apt-get remove --purge firefox

then if you wish, you can try reinstalling it with:

sudo apt-get install firefox

or not … up to you.

The resume/password issue … I’ll look into this in a bit and get back to you :wink:

thanks , firefox working ok now,

OK, to remove the “screen lock” on hibernate/suspend …

Got to menu>Preferences>Power Manager

When the Xfce Power Manager opens, click “Extended” (in the left hand pane)

Take the tick out of the "Lock screen when going for suspend/hibernate" box … and click the “Close” button.

thanks :slight_smile: