Best music players?

I’m using Rhythm box and Audacious on both my computers- nothing wrong with them but I was wondering if there are any others that show visualisations that play whist the music plays like in Windows media player?

Hi Melissa

You can try Clementine it’s probably the best music player for Linux available in my opinion, it has visulisations but I dont think you can set to run automatically but it’s easy to set it running when you start playing you can also set it to automatically show the album art of the song you’re playing in the background which is what I have

Good luck


Yeah … hands down, Clementine is my favourite Linux music player :slight_smile:

I will have a look at it thanks.

Windows Media Player might work under Wine, probably too much effort though

Edit: Actually, I wouldn’t bother, seems way too buggy and visualisations are broken…