black berry sync

How do I sync my blacberry contact list with thunderbird under ubuntu?


Is this of any use to you ?

Another couple of funambol links:

I do not understand what to do after having downloading the funambol file?
How to create the executable file as Marcel?
Lost in Linux universe :-X :o :-\

I have created an account on the website, seems very interesting.

If you are referring to:

Funambol consists of a server component and a client for your device or application. Start by getting your copy of Funambol server from and save it somewhere on your system. The package file, with a .bin extension, needs to be made executable before you execute it.

chmod +x funambol-7.1.bin

from here:

Copy the funambol-7.1.bin file to your home directory… open a terminal, and type:

cd ~
chmod +x funambol-7.1.bin

hitting enter after each line.
(obviously if the filename/version has changed the commands will need to be adjusted accordingly)