blank screen

I was prompted to install firefox 4; followed the usual instructions then the screen went blank. I rebooted and could not get the browser to open. Now I have a blank screen and the info bar along the bottom. When I press the ‘home’ key a pop-up appears
2could not run command xfdesktop2 -gohome. Failed to execute child process 2xfdesktop2" (No such directory) HELP

Acer Aspire One, running Linpus Lite by any chance…

It seems a lot of people are having this issue in Linpus Lite :o

You might want to check these 3 posts:

The last link contains a command that will hopefully fix the issue, but it hasn’t been tested yet… so try it at your own risk, or wait till it’s been tested by someone else… that topic also contains links to the Acer Recovery DVD (if it IS an Acer Aspire One)

If you DO try the fix, and it works… do NOT uninstall Firefox 2… follow THESE instructions to install Firefox 4:

Also if it works, can you let us know so others can benefit.



I’m afraid if it IS an Aspire One running Linpus lite, and you uninstalled Firefox 2… the operating system cannot be fixed without a complete re-install :frowning:

See here for how to re-install the whole OS: