Blocking keywords in searches

Just wondering if there’s a way to block keywords in search? Google or other. e.g. in Youtube?
I need to know so I can stop certain people looking for stuff they’re not allowed to search on the tinternet!

I can’t think of a way of filtering the keyword as it’s entered into a web browser, but something like dansguardian and/or safesquid could be configured to block what’s returned by the search.

or “Google” for a tutorial about how to set up safesquid.

Thanks for that, I’ll have a good read of it after I have had a sleep.

I am using squid proxy server for the whole family (to filter out the nasties),
but it is mainly used as a cache to reduce bandwith.

It was not easy to set up, but once done it was working well.
As Mark pointed out it works by filtering the responses rather than by filtering the search terms.
Also you can block web addresses (or range of) with ACL’s

Never tried dansguardian as it looked rather intimidating at that time

Also you could try Projects/Nanny - GNOME Wiki!
(if it is working, as it appears to be a dead project)

Probably didn’t make myself clear at the start, it’s not the search terms I wanted blocking, it WAS the RESULTS.
As I do know that blocking the search term is virtually impossible as how does it know what word you’re typing character by character?

A spell checker does, so does auto-complete in say a web browser … but that’s not really what I meant :wink: