Bodhi creator and lead developer standing down - is this the end of Bodhi ?

Title say it all really … Jeff Hoogland, the guy who started Bodhi has decided to stand down and ask if someone else wants to take over the project…

Will Bodhi survive this … I certainly hope so.

In either case I’d like to wish Jeff good luck in all future endeavours, and say thanks for giving the world Bodhi :slight_smile:

I’m disappointed to hear that I’ve been watching Bodhi development lately because I wanted to try it again on my laptop, Bodhi is the only distribution I know that caters for non PAE systems but they still haven’t reached a final release of v3.0 based on Ubuntu 14.04 it’s still at RC 1

I hope it’s not the end of Bodhi because although I tried it before and couldn’t get to grips with it’s weirdness there’s something compelling about it that’s makes me want to try it again but it doesn’t bode well :frowning:


Did you really just use the term “doesn’t bode well” in conjunction with Bodhi :o

In smaller distros that don’t attract masses of developers (Peppermint included), this kind of thing where the developer for whatever reason decides he has better things to do is always going to be a risk.

Did you really just use the term "doesn't bode well" in conjunction with Bodhi

Yes I did but I didn’t mean it, I have to be honest the pun escaped me till you brought it to my attention,

Yeah I know I’m obviously not the sharpest tool in the woodshed :-[


FYI - Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) uses a non-PAE kernel by default on it’s 32bit version. It runs MATE ok on a P4 with 1G of RAM, but MATE is more heavyweight than some (like Enlightenment).

Off-topic - Mark, is there a non-PAE respin on Peppermint? Presumably non-PAE kernels are available for Ubuntu, so just needs an ISO building with one of them. That said, something in the back of my mind says that Ubuntu dropped non-PAE support?

Edit: Meant to say, it is sad if Bodhi goes, it was the flagship Enlightenment distro. I’ve always thought Enlightenment deserved a bit more attention, it’s got the feel that it’s nearly finished and ready to overtake Xfce or LXQt. Just needs a bit more polish

Ubuntu no longer do pre-patched non-PAE kernel packages … so the only way would be for us to apply all the Ubuntu patches to a vanilla non-PAE kernel and compile ourselves (and stay on top of updates).

The latest 32bit kernels will work with the pentuim/Celeron M processors (with a boot parameter), but if you have a CPU that doesn’t support PAE at all … you’re out of luck with anything after Peppermint 3 I’m afraid.

It’s a man power thing … Peppermint simply doesn’t have the man power to keep compiling and testing new kernels.

Distrowatch seem to think it’s all over for Bodhi … they’ve marked it as “Status: Discontinued”:

And removed it from the rankings … seems somewhat premature to me, but maybe they know something we don’t (?).

I hope it is premature although I once tried it on a desktop and there was so much I liked about it but it is quirky and my final conclusion was this would be more suitable on a laptop/netbook,

In the months leading up to Jeffs announcement I’ve been watching Bodhi development closely waiting on v3 to be released so I could try it again on an old laptop but it sat on RC1 since the beginning of June so this hasn’t come as a big surprise to me,

I think someone will pick up the mantle or preferably a group of people as dedicated as Jeff appears to have been because if nothing else Bodhi was unique and it would be real shame if it died


It’s weird, he really should have declared it released, then called it a day. Why leave it as RC for 3 months, then bail? Even if it’s buggy, who cares, you’ve terminated the project anyway!

Thereby making his lasting legacy … “who cares, the last version was crap anyway” ?

Or should he be remembered as the guy who built a great distro, and didn’t release until it was solid…

I think you’re confusing him with Shuttleworth :wink:

Except he hasn’t quit…yet :wink:

I’m assuming DistroWatch didn’t mark the project discontinued just because they read his blog, and without checking with him … sure they MUST have some “from the horses mouth” info ?

It’s quite possible/probable he informed DistroWatch before making the public blog post.

Sorry, I meant Shuttleworth

/joke backfire

I don’t see how Distrowatch can possibly know someone isn’t gonna come forward and take over or fork the project

in reading his blog a couple of guys have already shown interest


Which is precisely why I’m assuming he let DistroWatch know he was quitting BEFORE he posted to the general public in his blog.
(and may not have mentioned he was going to allow the project to be taken over)

There’s also the fact that he hasn’t quite said if he’ll want anything that rises from the ashes to be called Bodhi … or if he’s thinking more along the lines of a fork.

I seriously doubt if DistroWatch would take it on themselves to read his blog, and make a call on whether the project is “discontinued” without his input … one thing’s for sure, he hasn’t been in a hurry to put them right :wink:

From the horses mouth

So - news on the "who wants to take over for me" front.

I’ve been exchanging emails/talking with a few folks who want to lend a hand around here. On Thursday morning at 10am CST I am going to host a public Google hangout with at least one of the folks to walk through the build scripts I run (we will be building EFL/elementary/E19 stable release live!) and talk through producing ISO images that are the Bodhi folks download.

Hopefully after seeing this one (or more) of the hopefuls still wants to take a stab and doing that work for Bodhi.

So maybe version 3 will see an official release after all! Hopefully with a fully functional E19 too
Any idea of any other distros that ship Enlightenment (if not as a default, as a supported alternative)?

Any idea of any other distros that ship Enlightenment (if not as a default, as a supported alternative)?

There doesn’t seem to be many but there’s Elive which is Debian based and requires a donation for the stable version

and there’s Yellow Dog which is Red Hat based but I don’t know much about that one


Well, I know Sparkylinux (Debian Testing based) does but it’s not default

I think Sparky do an Enlightenment version, but it’s E18 by default … though you can apparently feel free to break it by adding E19 through removing then adding some packages:

you’ll have to close that damn annoying popover they have if you’re using an ad blocker ::slight_smile:

Honestly, though I hate to criticise another distro, It’s not what I’d personally like in a distro/version
a) it’'s not the latest version of Enlightenment (yet)
b) it’s Enlightenment … very pretty, but IMHO a bit disjointed :wink:
c) it’s Debian as opposed to the more polished Ubunutu based … some would say that’s a good thing, but I’d argue it’s going to be MUCH harder for new Linux users, and I generally don’t really “get” why people would choose a harder to use and less polished base other than politics (that said, each to their own)
d) it’s Enlightenment
e) it’s not Peppermint
f) it’s Enlightenment

I get the feeling some distros choose to base on Debian just to NOT use Ubuntu … but to stay fairly close … politics.

If you’re going to go with Enlightenment, I think Bodhi were “right” in basing on Ubuntu … but that’s just my opinion.


Don’t know much about it, but Makulu do a Debian version of Enlightenment.