Bookmark Button(Solved)

I am at a loss as to where this “bookmark button” is located, it is almost certainly a case of “I can’t see for the sake of looking” but can somebody please give me a clue on this?
Many thanks,

Which application ?

Chromium, Firefox, PCManFM ?

and what are yyou trying to do … create a bookmark, or access an already created one ?

If it’s in Chromium (default Peppermint web browser), and you’re trying to create a bookmark … click the yellow star at the end of the address bar.

Sorry Mark, I meant the one referred to on this forum on the opening page. Marked as bookmarks plug in

Forget this, have now found the button at the bottom of the page, was looking at the top for it, my apologies for any time wasted, I thought it was a case of me not looking properly!

Ahh … glad you found it, because I still didn’t get what you meant until you posted the solution :slight_smile: