I have tons of bookmarks on my netbook- I don’t use them all every day but need them all. The list is getting long and I was wondering is there a way to create a folder on the Bookmarks bar that I could put the links into so I can go to them when I want them, but keeping the list smaller ( just keeping a few most used links)? Also can they be categorised?

Yes, in Firefox, go to

Bookmarks > Show all bookmarks

In the window that appears … in the left column select Bookmarks Toolbar

Now right-click on an empty space in the right column and select “New Folder” … and give it a name that reflects the category you want to create.

When the folder is created, drag whatever bookmarks you want into it.

it will now be displayed as a drop menu on the firefox bookmark toolbar

Thanks Mark! Helps an information junkie like myself.