Booting problems

Hi. I have a Zoostorm laptop 8gb ram, Intel pentium. I bought it OS free and installed Peppermint 4 in the summer. Lately I have had booting problems. My laptop is connected to a powered usb hub with 2 external hard drives and has been from the beginning. Lately the the laptop will not boot unless I take out the usb hub. it has never done this before. The bios is set to Hard drive boot first then CD then usb, always has been. So why all of a sudden is it doing this?


Can you remove the powered Hub form the equation ? … ie. will it still boot with a single hdd attached

try both external hdd’s one at a time … so we can try to tie it down to a single hdd, or the hub itself.

Are any of the external hdd’s auto-mounted through fstab ? … what’s the contents of:

gedit /etc/fstab

Found the culprit! but I dont know why it’s caused it.

Found a tiny micro card and tiny usb reader in the hub. My wife forgot about it when she was transferring holiday snaps from her mobile phone.

Took it out and everything is back to normal.

Thanks for trying though.

It’s always the little things that get ya :slight_smile: