Broadband speed checkers [closed]

Upgraded our broadband recently, and pretty happy with the results - especially as it got BT out of the equation and costs less than the previous, much slower, deal.

However, I’ve tried multiple broadband speed checkers and get wildly differing results - from 6mbs to 65mbs. Just wondering whether anyone has any clues…

I’m thinking of creating a large file I can upload and download at will with one eye on the clock. I know someone is offering me 5gb of free cloud space, but I can’t remember who. I’d never entrust my real data to the cloud, but a big folder of meaningless test data is a different proposition.

just use the netflix one … seems fairly accurate (if basic).

(click the “show more info” button if you also want latency and upload speed)

And don’t use a wireless connection to your router, or you’ll likely be limited by that local LAN connection rather than the broadband WAN connection.

In truth I don’t think any of them are hyper-accurate … better for ‘comparisons’, so always use the same one.

Blimey. Not “hyper-accurate” hardly begins to cover it.

I’ve just tried four within a few minutes of each other.

Netflix 19Mbps
AT&T 55.5Mbps
Broadbandspeedchecker 70Mbps 7.4Mbps

My router says 72.98Mbps.

I think I’ll create a 999Mb file and upload it to OneDrive. Then I can upload and download it to my heart’s content and time it myself.

Can you see any reason why that wouldn’t be more accurate?

Oops. OneDrive doesn’t support linux. I suppose that’s obvious, if I’d thought about it…