BT Full Fibre 900

So for the last few weeks (or month?) it’s seemed like we’ve had a BT engineers convention in our estate, maybe 6-10 vans on any given day, manhole covers up etc. (and indeed one or two broadband outages, which is unusual).

It would appear that now I know why, they’ve just rolled out “full fibre” here and are offering it up at what seems like a relatively inexpensive price when compared to current broadband services.

I currently have a fairly basic package that gives me ~ 48Mbps download and around 9Mbps upload. To upgrade this to 900Mbps download and 110Mbps upload is apparently going to cost me an additional £13 a month … which seems cheap for ~ 20x the performance.

Does anyone else have this or know of any snags or hidden costs BT might have forgotten to mention?