Budget PC?

Well I’ve not long just moved into my new house, and I miss having my PC since it broke back in 2010. I haven’t bothered to fix it, I just took out the Graphics card, PSU, SATA cables, RAM stick and the HDD. I have a laptop atm, it’s ideal if I’m on the move or whatever but when I’m at home I just wanna chill with a desktop inside of having to move with a laptop all the time. So I’ll have a budget, not sure how much yet, probs about £150 something like that, but I’m wanting to build the best PC i can with it. I’ve got a couple of HDD’s there atm, so I won’t need a HDD, I’ll probs install Natty on it, but it’ll have to be fast as it possible can be. I’ll be running Sony Vegas in a VM you see. So here’s what I’ll need from at least £150:

A Case
A Mobo (that accepts DDR3 RAM sticks if possible)
Lots of RAM
and perhaps a mobo that’s compatible with a nVidia Ge-force 8500 Graphics card.
a new PSU… I think i’ll keep the other one as a back-up.

I’ve got the monitor, keyboard & mouse.

Cheers if any of you help out!

Is the Ge-Force 8500 PCI-E or AGP ?

Sorry it’s a nVidia GeForce 8400GS xD big typo, but it’s PCI-E… (It has 16-pins with no spaces… and a small space at the far left of it.)

How about something like this:

AMD Quad Core Phenom II X4 840 (3.2ghz)
4GB 1333Mhz DDR3
nForce 630 Motherboard - Onboard Radeon 3000 Graphics

OK, onboard graphics kinda suck… but you have an nVidia card anyway and it has a 16X PCIe slot :slight_smile:

Then save up a bit for a case :wink:

Mark, I’m beginning to think you know me too well… You remembered I’m an AMD fan! :smiley: I was going to buy a x4 Phenom II as well, but I guess I won’t have to now. This is perfect! I don’t mind the little stretch in the budget.