Can not find installed programe

Hi All,

Installed “get iPlayer” the package manager confirms it is installed but I can not find it anywhere on my system running 11.10.

Any thoughts…

Where did you get it from ?
How did you install it ?

What is the output from:
sudo find / -name get_iplayer
locate get_iplayer

what happens if you run:

get_iplayer -h

Hi Tramlink

What distro are you using?

Have you tried running ‘get_iplayer’ from the command line to see if there are any errors.

Or even just try Alt+F2 and type get_iplayer.

Let us know what happens and we can progress further.

[EDIT] Beaten to the punch again!!

Running Ubuntu 11.10 and got the program from the software centre.

out puts-

userone@office2:~$ sudo find / -name get_iplayer
[sudo] password for userone:

userone@office2:~$ locate get_iplayer

userone@office2:~$ get_iplayer -h
get_iplayer v2.79, Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Phil Lewis
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details use --warranty.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain
conditions; use --conditions for details.

Usage ( Also see ):
List All Programmes: get_iplayer [–type=]
Search Programmes: get_iplayer
Record Programmes by Search: get_iplayer --get
Record Programmes by Index: get_iplayer --get
Record Programmes by URL: get_iplayer [–type=] “”
Record Programmes by PID: get_iplayer [–type=] --pid=
Stream BBC Embedded Media URL: get_iplayer --stream --type= “” | mplayer -cache 128 -
Stream Live iPlayer Programme: get_iplayer --stream --type=livetv,liveradio <REGEX|INDEX> --player=“mplayer -cache 128 -”

Update get_iplayer cache: get_iplayer --refresh [–force]

Basic Help: get_iplayer --basic-help
Advanced Help: get_iplayer --long-help

Search Options:
–category Narrow search to matched categories (regex or comma separated values)
–channel Narrow search to matched channel(s) (regex or comma separated values)
–exclude Narrow search to exclude matched programme names (regex or comma separated values)
–exclude-category Narrow search to exclude matched catogories (regex or comma separated values)
–exclude-channel Narrow search to exclude matched channel(s) (regex or comma separated values)
–fields ,,… Searches only in the specified comma separated fields
–long, -l Additionally search in programme descriptions and episode names (same as --fields=name,episode,desc )
–since Limit search to programmes added to the cache in the last N hours
–type Only search in these types of programmes: livetv,tv,liveradio,radio,all (tv is default)

Display Options:
–help, -h Intermediate help text
–helpbasic, --usage Basic help text
–helplong Advanced help text
–info, -i Show full programme metadata and availability of modes and subtitles (max 50 matches)
–long, -l Show long programme info
–terse Only show terse programme info (does not affect searching)
–tree Display Programme listings in a tree view

Recording Options:
–get, -g Start recording matching programmes
–modes ,,… Recoding modes: iphone,flashhd,flashvhigh,flashhigh,flashstd,flashnormal,flashlow,n95_wifi,flashaac,flashaachigh,flashaacstd,flashaaclow,flashaudio,realaudio,wma
–pid Record an arbitrary pid that does not necessarily appear in the index.
–proxy, -p Web proxy URL e.g. ‘http://USERNAME:PASSWORD@SERVER:PORT’ or ‘http://SERVER:PORT’
–raw Don’t transcode or change the recording/stream in any way (i.e. radio/realaudio, rtmp/flv)
–subtitles Download subtitles into srt/SubRip format if available and supported
–url “” Record the embedded media player in the specified URL. Use with --type=.

Output Options:
–output, -o Recording output directory
–player ‘ ’ Use specified command to directly play the stream
–stream Stream to STDOUT (so you can pipe output to a player)

PVR Options:
–pvr [pvr search name] Runs the PVR using all saved PVR searches (intended to be run every hour from cron etc). The list can be limited by adding a regex to the command.
–pvr-exclude Exclude the PVR searches to run by seacrh name (regex or comma separated values)
–pvr-single Runs a named PVR search
–pvradd Save the named PVR search with the specified search terms
–pvrdel Remove the named search from the PVR searches
–pvrlist Show the PVR search list
–pvrqueue Add currently matched programmes to queue for later one-off recording using the --pvr option
–pvrscheduler Runs the PVR using all saved PVR searches every

Config Options:
–localfilesdirs [,dir,] Directories/Folders to scan for new files
–prefs-add Add/Change specified saved user or preset options
–prefs-clear Remove ALL saved user or preset options
–prefs-del Remove specified saved user or preset options
–prefs-show Show saved user or preset options
–refresh, --flush, -f Refresh cache
–update, -u Update get_iplayer if a newer one exists

External Program Options:
–ffmpeg Location of ffmpeg binary
–flvstreamer Location of flvstreamer binary
–lame Location of lame binary


OK, it’s obviously a command line application … so you’re going to have to read the documentation on how to use it :slight_smile:

See what happens if you run:

get_iplayer --refresh



BTW, this is NOT the latest version … latest appears to be 2.8.0 … the BBC keep changing things, so your version may not work, indeed the latest version may not work.


Latest version:

The operation of this program by command lines is not worth the complexity.

What do you think of this web PVR Manger

Would it be possible to adapt it for use with Ubuntu 11.10?

You could try and follow the instructions and see how you get on. I don’t think there will be much need to adapt it for Ubuntu, it should work on any distro.

I thought I’d read get_iplayer didn’t work any more … have you confirmed it works BEFORE spending time looking for a GUI front end ?

There seems to be conflicting info on the web as to the facts in respect of the program working.

I downloaded a program from iplayer in WDM formate and have been unable to play the program on my Linux system.

This seemed the answer.

Just to let you know that I uninstalled this program to much of a hassle and the BBC keeps changing things.