Can themes speed up your PC

Hi Guys

Over the past few days I’ve been messing around with themes from and I couldn’t find one that was right or didn’t slow down the PC or in particular screw up Cairo Dock, but I found one that not only didn’t slow down the PC or screw up Cairo Dock but looked good as well which was Alba Cloud, I’m sure it’s not my imagination but my PC seems much snappier using this theme,

So I just wondering if anyone else has noticed a performance difference by changing to another theme or if anyone cares to try Alba Cloud just to see if it’s not my imagination


cairo-dock can seriously slow your PC, and if it’s unhappy with a certain theme probably more so.

So the answer to your question is -

NO, themes can’t speed up your PC (or if they did, it would be negligible)

But a broken one, or one cairo-dock doesn’t like CAN slow a PC

As you’ve discovered :wink:

Well maybe it’s my imagination it’s not easy to do accurate comparison tests it’s just the feel of the machine seems faster and more fluent or maybe Cairo Dock just wasn’t to happy with any themes I used previously and I wasn’t aware of it

Remember, cairo dock is seriously resource intensive … if you don’t believe me, run top:


then kill cairo dock, and watch your CPU usage drop significantly :wink:

So anything that changes cairo dock can have a larger affect on the system than it normally would

i thought certain themes would speed up your pc due to some using less shadowing effect or rendering to some heavy themes
with live wallpapers and so on ?? or am i thinking too much out of the box on this ?? :-X

No, you’re right … but unless you’re right on the edge of available RAM I would expect the difference to be pretty impossible to detect.

I find that it all depends on the total Meg used and the # of steps needed to run the theme .
Simple is best and usually the theme that goes with the gui works best .