Cannot find Disk Utility in Mint 14.1

Anybody know where the disk utility is in Mint 14.1 before I pull out what little is left of my hair!?


I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “Disk Utility” but try this



Menu-System Tools-Disk Usage Analyser

Hope that helps


As Emegra says, it’s now just called “Disks” :o

Thanks Emegra and Mark but…I only have , Menu,Accessories and…no Disk entry! ???

What DE are you using ? it should be there in Cinnamon

Anyway assuming it’s installed on your system you should be able to access it via the terminal


if it’s not installed run

sudo apt-get install gnome-disk-utility

, then check to see if it’s listed in the menu

Thanks Emegra

It wasn’t installed strange isn’t it?

It wasn't installed strange isn't it?

Yeah it is strange if your running Cinnamon because i’m sure it’s installed by default, but I can’t speak for other versions

Anyway glad you got it sorted