canon mp 490 driver

:'(ive down loaded the driver at canon support but when i try to open it i get a message saying unable to open octet stream is not supported .what does this mean ? is there anyway to get my printer working even temp will do as i cant afford to buy a new one yet thank you
29 /10 10. 13 25pm solved problem of canon driver still no joy with driver pack ,so printer etc all gone in wheelie bin .

What is it you can’t open ? … the MP490_debian_driver_pack.tar file ?

If so, download it again from here:

OK, copy the downloaded MP490_debian_driver_pack.tar file into your home directory… then open a terminal, and run the following commands:
(note: for the first command to work, you will need an active internet connection)

sudo apt-get install tar gzip unrar rar p7zip-full zip bzip2 lzma
mkdir ~/mp490
mv ~/MP490_debian_driver_pack.tar ~/mp490/MP490_debian_driver_pack.tar
cd ~/mp490
tar xvf ~/mp490/MP490_debian_driver_pack.tar

(hit enter after each line, and your password when asked)

If it worked, the files will have been extracted to a new directory called mp490 in your home directory.

If you get any errors in the terminal, post them here.

tried using method in your reply mark and got the mp490 file in my home folder but still having same problem uable to open application octet stream not supported did i do something wrong

OK, I’ve repacked the driver as a .zip file rather than a .tar, and uploaded it to my dropbox… you can download it here:

Let me know when you’ve got it so I can delete it from my dropbox.
(if I don’t hear from you I will delete it in a few days)

Just in case there is something wrong with the way your browser is downloading that file (corrupt copy stuck in the browsers cache maybe), download it with wget instead… open a terminal and enter:


you should then find the file in your home directory… see if you can open that.

One last thing… can you stop splitting the topic, as it will make it impossible for anyone in the future with the same problem to follow… I’ve merged the topics under “Printers and Scanners” for clarity.