change desktop to classic

I’ve tried the instructions form ubuntu but Its still the same everything appears OK but it doesn’t change after the reset, I can’t get videos because I have to get a new sound card thanks in advance

It would help if you said what you’ve done ?

When you say:

I've tried the instructions form ubuntu but Its still the same

That doesn’t tell us much ???

Which instructions ? … a link may be helpful :slight_smile:

Even the term “Classic desktop” can now mean different things to different people when talking about Ubuntu … MATE, gnome-session-fallback, Cinnamon, etc.

Look in your browser history … it’s going to be hard to help if we don’t know what you did, or what the expected results are ???

I'm trying to change the format of the desktop to windows style

Do you mean the old Ubuntu style desktop … or Like Microsoft Windows ?

If you still can’t find the link … open a terminal, and run:

history > ~/history.txt

You’ll now find a file called history.txt in your Home folder that contains your recent command history (last 500 commands) … try to find those 4 commands and post them, or attach that whole file to your next posting.

Erm, not really (or I’m missing something) … I have no idea how conky would have anything to do with a “classic” desktop ???

I’m still TOTALLY lost as to what you’ve already done … and what your goal was.

I am lost what are you trying to do… when you log on you should have an option next to where you log on that allows you to chouse the type of desktop you want to use. Are you saying you do not have that option?

From what I gather in 12.04 … you can either install the gnome-shell or gnome-session-fallback packages.

So either

sudo apt-get install gnome-shell


sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

Then Gnome and/or Gnome (Classic) will be available from the login screen.

Top command will give you Gnome shell AND Gnome (Classic) as options … as in the top pic here:

Bottom command will probably only give you Gnome (Classic) … I’ve never tried it on its own.

In order to bring up the list of available DE’s to boot into, you need to click on the icon of that particular DE.

For example if your are running Unity you would click on the Ubuntu “Circle of Friends” logo, or if you’re running Gnome-Shell you would click on the Gnome foot icon which is located at the top right of the box in which your username and password sits.