Changes to the Forum pages

Following a plea by one Forum Member, The Management has increased the font size. What do you think? Too big now or just right? In particular, the post editing box has a larger font than the remainder of the site. Is that useful?

We want to make the Forum accessible to everyone but without putting people off.
Please do let us have your views - after all it’s your Forum.


I think it`s just about the right size, for me anyway! Others may not find the same. I did notice the extra font size straight away and wondered what had happened.

Well done management.

Thank you for the feedback, Wishbone.

Just an observation, on this site, the font size changes to suit the default font size set in the Browser (Firefox in my case). The default font size was set to 16pt. So (for my benefit) I changed it to 12pt and the page rendered as it used to before. Perhaps it is worth mentioning this if somebody has a font size issue when viewing these pages.

Thank you, Sezo.

Displayed font size seems to be a combination of browser and web page font sizes. I’ve set my FF font size to 14 which suits the average web page but they do vary, and now the Forum font seems rather large to me at my default value.
You are right that users can change the browser default settings and also alter the “Toggle reader view” in the Firefox address bar, but it would be a nuisance to keep changing it; hence the enquiry.


Just as a general comment - I tend to use the default font size supplied with the browser then use “CTRL+mouse wheel” to change the zoom level for specific sites if the size is off. There “can” be adverse formatting effects on “some” sites if you choose to change the default font size in the browser …

Hi guys, I have been following your forum for a while now I decided to join to be on topic with you and share some experiences that I have accumulated. The site looks very nice, and the changes with the font made it even better, thank you for paying attention to the requests of forum members! you are super!!! :wink: :-*

Hello HZ - and welcome to the Forum.

We’re pleased that you like the changes to the site and look forward to your posts.