changing video files to VOB files

A while ago I bought a tv for my grandchildren’s room, got the sky multi room (I know they are spoilt :))) really pleased ( a bolt hole to watch the footy etc ;))
but the usb will not play films from the usb stick, the films play ok on the main tv. they are recorded in various formats.

My son said they require changing to vob files, something he had to do on his tv, he bought an usb stick with films as vobs and they worked perfect.

So my question is how do I convert them in linux (running Peppermint 5)?

Thanks in anticipation.


How does your son do it? What software (if any) does he use?

Reading up on VOB files, I’m not sure you need to do anything if you start with a DVD film - have you tried a straight drag-and-drop of all folders on a DVD to the USB stick? Or are you not starting from a DVD?

I have to say it quietly he’s on windows :'(. I’m trying to convert him so cannot say I don’t know know to do it)

they are films I have on my hard drive, transferred from his computer via filezilla, some are mp4 some avi and some I’ve never heard of.

What program did he use? I’m not aware of one that coverts anything to VOB

It’s not as easy a queestion to answer as you’d think

VOB files are just MPEG-2 files (renamed from .mpg to .VOB), but you usually only find them on a DVD where the menu structure is include in other files (.IFO), and the film is usually split into 3 or 4 .VOB files.

So you’d need to know if the TV required the DVD menu structure .IFO files as well, or if it could play just a single large .VOB with no other files present.

If it needs the menu structure, you’d need to use a DVD authoring package to convert and create a menu structure (generally more work for you)

If it’ll just play a large VOB with no other files required … then you could use a simple converter to convert to MPEG-2 and rename to .VOB

Either way it’ll take an hour plus to convert each film (and they’ll be considerably larger) … save yourself the hassle and buy something like this:

@ chemicalfan, I’ve just text him to find out what programme he uses, so will let you know when he replies,

@ Mark, I always like a different solution to a problem, so will have a look and let you know how I get on.

@ chemicalfan
he uses “OJOSoftVOB converter” this is for “info only” as its on that other inferior os, he says it does multiple files at the same time.

OK, if he’s converting to VOB … as I said that’s just an MPEG-2 file.

So convert to MPEG-2 with something like WinFF … then rename to outputted file from say myvideo.mpg to myvideo.VOB

Install WinFF:

sudo apt-get install winff

fire it up from
menu > Sound & Video > WinFF

Add” the film you want to convert to the list of files to convert (with the Add button)

Choose where you’d like the converted files to be saved.

and set

Convert to: DVD
Preset: PAL DVD Widescreen

Hit “Convert

Youll end up with a file with an .mpg extension … just change that to a .VOB extension by renaming the file.

Be aware, this application will open a terminal … you can minimise the terminal, but DO NOT close it or conversion will stop

Also, when the film is finished converting, you’ll see “Hit enter to continue” at the bottom of the terminal window … make sure the terminal window is in focus by clicking on it, then hit the “Enter” key, that wil close the terminal … DO NOT close the terminal by any other method or the film you’ve just spent hours converting may disappear too.

But SERIOUSLY, for £15 you’ll save yourself a LOT of time and effort just buying (something like) the box I linked to which will allow you to play them unconverted.