Choices, choices, choices.

I’ve been on the hunt for a few days, trying to source alternatives with competitive/better specs for Apple products, more specifically Apple’s “Thunderbolt Display”. Now, don’t get me wrong, Apples Thunderbolt display is about as shiny as it gets and I’m a real sucker for shiny things so the temptation to have one is very had to resist.

What I was specifically looking for, was something with a “black glass bezel”, and aluminium casing, and that’s how I came across Apple’s Thunderbolt display. Now the specs are pretty impressive:

27" TFT-LCD display with IPS (in-plane switching).
Resolution: 2560x1440 pixels
Colours (maximum): 16.7 million
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Viewing angle: 178° horizontal; 178° vertical
Brightness: 375 cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 1000:1
Response time: 12 ms
Three powered USB 2.0 ports
FireWire 800 port
Gigabit Ethernet port
Thunderbolt port
Kensington security slot
Built-in FaceTime HD camera with microphone
Built-in 2.1 speaker system (49 watts)
Input voltage: 100-240V AC; 50-60Hz
Maximum power: 250W (Thunderbolt Display while charging MacBook Pro)
Energy saver mode: 2W or less

So all of taking into consideration all of these things you’ll be wanting to know the price? Well considering this is Apple, get ready for your jaw to hit the floor.

£900 give or take.

Now, I’m not a rich guy nor do I even have a job atm so paying £900 for one monitor is just ludacris. If I’m going to be paying that much, the least I’d expect is two monitors. Thankfully, a company name Hazro is taking on the “shiny thing” gaint. Their product, the HZ27WA is about as close to "Apple shiny[/b] as most competitors could go imo without being accused of copying from Apple and having Apple take them to court.

With the Hazro HZ27WD you get most of what Apple gives you with the Thunderbolt, however there are a few differences. You don’t get the webcam, the usb/firewire ports, nor do you get the thunderbolt port (but why would you need that anyway?).

What you do get is this:
A faster response time - 6ms, VGA port, dual-link DVI port & 2 HDMI port, and 1.06 billion colours. Want the full spec list? Well here it is:

27" LED Backlight LED S-IPS monitor
Resolution: 2560x1440 pixels
Colours: 1.07Billion colors with A-FRC (10-bit).
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Viewing angle: Right/Left : 89°/89° - Up/Down : 89°/ 89°
Brightness: 420 cd /m²
Contrast ratio: 1000:1
Response time: 6ms
1 x Dual Link DVI-D [HDCP]
1 x Displayport
2 x HDMI
1 x VGA
Component Y/Pb/Pr
Analog RCA for Audio L/R
USB [Service Port Only]
SPDIF Optical Speaker Out
3.5mm Stereo In/Out
Kensignton Security Port
5W + 5W Stereo Surround-sound Speakers
DC Output:AC 24V / 5A
Energy saver mode: 4w or less

And guess what the price is? £540. Considerably LESS than Apple’s “Thunderbolt” display, which btw has restrictive outputs. So would I sacrifice the black glass bezel and aluminium case for the gloss black screen & case of the Hazro? Sure. The Hazro is better in places where it’s important for me. Brightness, Contrast, Colours, Resolution - all important for a Gamer / Photographer / Video Editor etc. All of which I come under. :stuck_out_tongue: So having two Hazro’s instead of 2 Thunderbolts would definitely be a GREAT saving. There are other monitors out there from manufacturers like ASUS & Dell, but they aren’t capable of anything higher than 1920x1080. The Hazro is even wall mountable which would save me A LOT of space.

Back is prettier on the Apple, but then at £360 more you would expect a nice finish … Apple do do “Shiny” well, I’ll give em that :slight_smile:

Who needs USB ports on a monitor anyway … that’s what powered hubs are for :wink:

Monitor speakers always suck compared to dedicated … and if my eyes don’t deceive me, at 49watts (hope that’s not RMS) I’d expect the monitor to vibrate off the table :slight_smile:

Bit baffled by the built-in Gigabit ethernet port … why ??


Does the Apple refuse to play flash … or force you to update through iTunes ? :wink:

They really do, do shiny well. But I still won’t give £360 to Apple when I could spend it on dedicated things like a new CPU, or motherboard. Personally I think 8 USB ports is enough for anyone! I mean, you get as standard on “most” motherboard these days 4/5 USB ports.

I couldn’t stop laughing at the 49watts parts… I hope it isn’t RMS either lol, otherwise they’d best invest in some hard-mount bolts. I don’t understand what the gigabit ethernet port is for on a display, unless ofcourse it’s for remote display or something like that. Hehehe, well considering it’s almost an imac, I don’t see why it wouldn’t :wink: