Choosing type of linux

My 9 years old Laptop is Compaq 610 .
I want to very fast browse & download from internet.
Which kind of linux will I choose ? Kindly inform me .

PeppermintOS 9 64bit :wink:

Mark why Peppermint 9 over Mint 19 what are the differences in performance ?

Peppermint is lighter on system resources than Mint, so better suited to older PC’s (as well as new ones where you want all your resources for applications rather than the OS itself).

Oh, and because I help make it :wink:

And a very good job of making it you have done !!! Thanks Mark :wink:

Heh, cheers Don :slight_smile:

Nice one Mark no wonder you recommend it. 8) 8)

Oddly being on the team sometimes makes it harder to recommend … I have to be careful I’m not projecting ‘MY’ usage preferences on the person asking. As well as not wanting to appear self promoting.

Not that it’s ever stopped me ;D

[quote author=Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec) link=topic=13482.msg109753#msg109753 date=1541709652]
PeppermintOS 9 64bit :wink:


You’re most welcome :slight_smile:

I m also using PeppermintOS 9 64bit on my old laptop and its working great! Nicely suggested Mark.

Thanks hitman009 … recommending Peppermint kinda comes naturally for me :slight_smile:

A bit late, but if you are still experimenting you could also try antiX.

Going back to the topic,
The recommanded systems are very adequat to your old PC but when it cames to navigation that it’s another story.
Today Facebook, per example, is very heavy, many article talk about 30 divs for one sentence to avoid ad blockers so it’s really really heavy and the navigation on such sites will be a pain even if you use light weight browsers such as Midori.

PeppermintOS 10 64bit