Cleaning the Pacman Cache


I have looked at the pacman cache and I see many tar.xv files. I cannot see any obvious orpphan files (but I dont know what to look for).

My question is is it safe to use pacman -Sc?

Further, I have tooked at Octopi and see the cache cleaner. If I use this function will it wipe out the cache, or, will it just remove the unnecessary files?


Do you for some reason want to keep cached versions of installed packages ? … but want to clear all cached packages that are NOT installed ?

First I should explain I’m not an Arch aficionado…

But, according to the manpage:-

pcman -Sc

if on the other hand you want to remove ALL cached packages (emptying the package cache):-

pcman -Sc

If I’m understanding it properly, neither command should uninstall anything … it’s just that the double “cc” option is equivalent to APT’s “apt-get clean”

If I had to “guess”, I’d guess Octopi’s cache cleaner will probably remove ALL cached packages … but it’s unlikely to actually uninstall anything either … again (probably) the same as APT’s “apt-get clean” or “pacman -Scc”.