Clearing cookies, caches and temporary internet files

Hello guys,
I am having problems posting on a website I go on- I have been unable to post any comments suddenly 2 weeks ago. The help group said to clear my cache and cookies ( the netbook is set to do this automatically) and clear temporary internet files- which Linux doesn’t create unlike Microsh*t ( I have been told). From a Linux perspective is there anything else I could do? I was told this might be some Firefox problem, yet every other website I visit hasn’t this problem. I can post here for example!

Hi Melissa

You should be able to clear browser cache from within Firefox although I doubt it will solve your problem if you’re able to post on other sites , I use Chromium so I’m not exactly sure how to do that in Firefox, but here’s something you might find useful

The instructions in the link Emegra provided should do it.

I sometimes have trouble with a certain online banking site when using Firefox. (Miraculously rectifying itself without any change to the browser)
For these occasions I use Midori (it should be in the repositories), which is somewhat lacking in browsing experience but works every time when Firefox does not. I blame it on sites trying to distinguish between browsers and try to serve content accordingly. Midori probably goes unrecognized.

After clearing the cache, you might want to restart Firefox too (BEFORE reopening the site that’s giving you problems).


To clear other stuff … cache, cookies, offline web site data, site prefereces, etc.

In Firefox, go to:-

Edit > Preferences > Privacy


History > Firefox will: Remember History

Then click the blue writing that reads “clear your recent history”

then select

Time range to clear: Everything

and tick

Offline Web Site Data
Site Preferences

And click the “Clear Now” button.

Give it a minute or two to clear … then restart Firefox.

Thanks Emegra- now I am on the laptop and did the settings which I have had on the netbook for months and could post on the website! I must check the netbook’s settings- is is possible they have gone off?! Strange.

Well the laptop is sorted, will try it with the netbook tomorrow- cheers guys. What a pain caches are. Oh, and why does Micros*t create temporary internet files? What a load of trouble that was when I had the Windows XP desktop- took ages to delete them and they messed up the system ( freezing, crashing etc…).

See the edit in my last posting if you ever need to clear more than just the cache.

Yeah, knew how to do all that and have it set on the netbook- will have another look on it tomorrow. I tend to keep the history as I like being able to find sites again easily- like the fact the computer “remembers”. :slight_smile:

Erm, that’s why I didn’t say to clear the history ??? … but you can clear the cache from there too … and have a more fine grained control of “how much” to clear.