Cloning my HDD

Hi, everyone,

I would like to clone my current HDD in order to replace it with a larger one and save a lot of time and effort reinstalling programmes at the same time.

I’ve seen a programme called EZ gig iv which seems to make the job very simple and presumably that would have to be installed or run from a USB stick
or disk to work? This would be OK for my wife’s Windows laptop but is not suitable for use with Peppermint. ( I want to upgrade both machines
over time)

Also seen a product called All in 1 but also various comments from people saying they didn’t work very well and aren’t reliable.

I have done a search on the site for some advice but some basic simple instructions would be really useful.


Check this thread out -


Looking for something more basic than that thread which was over complicated by other factors so for my purpose like what kit do I need to buy and which is the most user friendly software to use.


Clonezilla (LiveCD) is about as easy as it gets … and the best tool for the job.

There are videos/tutorials available online for clonezilla.

What “kit” you require depends on your hardware …

on a desktop … probably no extra kit is required

on a laptop … some way of connecting the new HDD/SSD to a USB socket

Hi, guys

I could probably do it easily on my aged desktop but as it’s on my laptop I’ve never tried it before and will need a cable plus power supply etc. presumably.

I’ve seen one or two on Ebay but don’t know how good they areand it’s just a case of taking a chance on them being OK I suppose.

Will use Clonezilla as you both suggest it’s useful to know there is a tutorial on the site that might save me making a cock of it!!

Thanks to both of you for taking the trouble to respond very much appreciated.

As an aside Peppermint 5 is still working A1 with no issues and dead easy for mugs like me to use well done to everyone who contributed to creating it.

What you’re after is a 2.5" USB Enclosure (like this - Novatech 2.5inch Tool Free SATA HDD/SSD Enclosure USB 2.0 - Black - 2588US-BK | Novatech)

Hi, chemicalfan,

That looks like the very thing I need, is it a product you have used yourself?

Reading the review it seems you put the old HDD in the kit and clone the new one with it in the laptop. Do I have that right?

Thanks for the info.

Egg Zactly :slight_smile:


If I remember correctly you used to be an advocate of Redo for cloning images. any particular reason for the change of view ?


Redo is great at taking a disk image for backup purposes, then restoring that image to a drive (which can also be larger)

But it doesn’t do direct disk to disk cloning.

I’ve used a very similar product but I’m unsure of the make & model. I’d tend to use the duck method on this (Duck test - Wikipedia, just replace the word “duck” with “USB enclosure”)

Just thought I’d update this thread to a conclusion have now “cloned” my 160gig to a new 500gig disk using Acronis True image. (free copy from WD website)

Went without a hitch and now planning to update my wife’s laptop in similar fashion.

Thanks to everyone for the advice given on this topic.

Cool, didn’t realise WD were giving that away :slight_smile:

Hi, Mark

Don’t get too excited it’s a much reduced version of Acronis 2013 but it does clone a disk which is all I needed.

Also you have to have a WD HDD installed in order to download the file - which by chance I did.

I believe Seagate also offer a version of Acronis in the same way.



OK, I’ll try no to :slight_smile:

Personally I use Clonezilla or Redo Backup & Recovery depending on my needs anyway :slight_smile: