Closure of fsmail (and others from Orange/EE) [solved]

Has anyone got any recommendations for another, preferably free, account provider?

We have two accounts going back years, hence a lot of messages/folders to transfer. Transferring them to gmail seems to be fairly straightforward, but I simply don’t want to be involved with google and it’s quest to know everything about everybody on the planet. I don’t even use it’s search engine.

So what I need is a new, non-google account into which I can import messages from fsmail, but I can’t seem to find one. Yahoo would be ok, except it imports from only a limited number of other providers, excluding fsmail.

It doesn’t have to be free. I’m wondering about buying a domain name and using it’s email facilities without creating a website. Trouble is, I’d still have the problem of importing a multitude of old messages, contacts etc.

Sorted. has imported all my emails and folders without fuss.

Anyone trying this should be aware that you need to use imap, not pop.