compiz help

I have only just got ubuntu net-book version but i can not seem to be able to work compiz on it .
i downloaded the compiz fusion and then ran it it appeared in the top right when i start it the screen blocks the side panel from the left out and just shows the desktop alone from there i can rotate the cube but if i do not already have a program up i can not start any other programs even when the program that is up is there you can not bring up any new programs.
So then the computer is completly un-usable because i can only use the screen that was up before i turned compiz on so i have to turn the computer of and resort to using meta-city help plz:)!

How did you “downloaded” it ? … can you explain where you got it, and how you installed it.

If you downloaded it from the internet, you’re going to have to uninstall it, then reinstall the “proper” version from the Ubuntu repositories (using synaptic).

Compiz WAS installed by default, but it’s NOT compatible with the Unity (netbook) desktop… after uninstalling, and then reinstalling the correct version from synaptic… the only way to use Compiz is to switch to a standard GNOME session.