Compizconfig settings help

Anyone know how to activate wizards plugin in Compizconfig settings on ubuntu 10.04, I dont have the wizards settings inside.

Hi, what is it you’re aiming to do exactly ??

The “Wizard” plugin (for compiz) and instructions are available in the first post, here…

you will have to create an account to be able to download the wizard plugin.

the actual plugin link is:

but like I said you need to be a forum member to download.

once you’ve downloaded the wizard.tar.gz file, the installation instructions are:
Place the downloaded wizard.tar.gz fie in your home folder… then in a terminal:

cd ~
mkdir ~/wizard
tar -zvxf wizard.tar.gz -C ~/wizard
cd ~/wizard
make clean
sudo make install

(it enter after each line… last line will ask for password)

Now log off, and on again (or reboot), and the “Wizard” plugin will be available in your CompizConfig Settings Manager

UN-install instructions are available at the link above.

thanks a lot guys for your advice, I want to ask you if, is it good to have wizard in ubuntu 10.04? as I am wondering to add effects and nice animation in ubuntu any suggestions. thanks again

I don’t use them but can see no harm… give it a try, you can always uninstall it or turn it off in compizconfig settings manager