Completely off-topic, but ...

Is it me? or was this just not in the news this week ??

It just seems incredible that the entire government of our nearest neighbor resigns and neither the BBC or Sky seem to have covered the issue, at least I’ve not seen it on TV and I can see no mention on their respective news sites. Apparently Farage isn’t the only Euro-skeptic doing well this week, albeit , apparently, not all the press want us to know about it. One wonders if the French will already have left the EU before we actually get to vote on it (?!)

Haven’t read it, but it came from the Daily Mail, so…

I’ll wait for a more trustworthy source.

News to me too … but then if they mention “france” or “europe” on the telly my brain tends dampen what comes next , so it’s possible I just missed it.

Well the Yanks seem to be a little more interested;

And the Scotts;

And the Irish;

And even ITV;

(… I could go on … it’s headlining everywhere as far as I can see, except SKY and the BEEB …)

68-69% of pollsters reckoned Farage won the EU debate this week, and I was amazed they didn’t suppress the result … maybe news that the Nationalists were taking over in France was all a bit too much for them … :wink: