Configuring VPN and dynamics DNS using linux 6 in home server


Please I need help in setting up home server with VPN and dynamics DNS configuration. I need to access my this through the internet outside and inside my home. I am not a technical person, please I need step by step procedures.



First you’ll need a router that is capable of updating somewhere like DynDNS when your IP changes, or a “software” update client running on the server… in the past I’ve always used a router with a built in DynDNS update client, so I can’t comment on the “software” clients… but you can get a client from here:

Then you’ll need an account with DynDNS (the free one will do, as long as it is accessed at least once every 30 days).

Now every time your IP changes, the router (or software client) will inform DynDNS of the new IP address, and they will update their DNS entries.

If you just need access to your server, you can then SSH in.

If you need a VPN, you’ll have to install openvpn and set up a tunnel and RSA Key… after installing openvpn, you’ll find info on how to do this in /usr/share/doc/openvpn along with example configs etc.