Connecting a Ubuntu 12:04 PC to a Kindle Fire 8.9 HD

Having recently bought a Kindle Fire 8.9 HD.
I would like to use Ubuntu to do my file transfers via the USB
My desk top is old so am still using 12:04 as I am warned that there may be hardware compatability issues when I try to upgrade.

I have looked at other posts on line and this is the one that seems to make sence to me.

Open Terminal: Use following commands one by one:

cd Downloads
tar xvzf libmtp-1.1.5.tar.gz
cd libmtp-1.1.5
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install


sudo apt-get install gmtp

Connect the Kindle Fire to your computer with a USB.
Now open gMTP by searching it in Unity dash:

Can someone please give me some confidence that this will indeed enable me to connect my kindle to Ubuntu via USB.

What happens if you just run this without any of the other stuff:

sudo apt-get install gmtp

It should pull in the dependencies it needs without having to compile anything.

By the way, you’ve missed the first step in the compiling bit - actually downloading the tar file for libmtp :wink:

As chemicalfan suggests, your posting shows 2 methods of installing gmtp (the first is commpiling gmtp from source code, the second is installing a pre-compiled package from the Ubuntu repositories) … the second being by FAR the easiest

sudo apt-get install gmtp

Can’t say if gmtp will definitely allow the kindle to work with 12.04 … but installing it in that manner is easily undoable, so can’t hurt to try.