Connecting an Android tablet to a home network ?

I thought I’d post this now before anyone posted here so as to have the honour of being the first to post on this board (now I know how Neil Armstrong felt)

Anyway to business, I have (or rather my missus has) an a tablet pc running Android 4.0 and I would like it to have access to my network server, I can’t see any network folders on the device or find any apps such as gigolo, can anyone tell me first of all if this is possible and the best way of going about it.

Many thanks


Ok, first question; what do you have that’s acting as a network server ??

What exactly are you trying to do ?

If you just want to play streamed media from the Ubuntu/Mint/Peppermint box (or a NAS that has a DLNA server) on the Android device, you might want to look at these 2 topics:

If not, please explain exactly what you’re trying to achive … and preferably which Android device (make/model)

Hi Mark

The tablet is a Kocaso M1050 running Android 4.0 I only want to be able for it to connect to the NAS in the same way as I can connect with the PC’s, I have all our Photo’s Movies & Music etc stored on the NAS and it would be useful for the tablet to connect to it, to be honest other than be a portable web browser it’s probably the only useful thing it can do :slight_smile:


So what does the NAS box support in terms of remote access?? SAMBA, NFS, or something else?

(Google drive works quite nicely if you have a decent Internet connection …)

it supports samba & nfs and a whole lot others

Ok, first question; what do you have that's acting as a network server ??

Sorry Mad Penguin I missed you’re question

I have a NAS running Freenas 8 it stores all my data (photos, movies, music and more) all my PC’s are connected to it via SMB ( although Freenas can connect through various protocols such as NFS, FTP SSH etc)

Many Thanks



Seems to suggest the MiniDLNA media streaming server can be added to FreeNAS as a plugin (PBI ?).

Seems to suggest the MiniDLNA media streaming server can be added to FreeNAS as a plugin (PBI ?).

Please don’t ask me to use the PBI system that is a complete nightmare, Honestly it’s not for a dim wit like me, I tried it for the transmission plugin and got it partly working
, I had effectively 2 operating systems running with 2 different ip addresses, I can’t begin to tell you the problems I was having and to be honest the help forums are not exactly helpful and assume a level of understanding way above mine, I used to use Freenas 7 and setting up Transmission was walk in the park, but they rebuilt Freenas from the ground up to create Freenas 8 and it’s a nightmare at least for someone like me


OK, seems to me you just want a samba client for Android:


(that also mentions smb/cifs)

Thank you Mark

I did look, I don’t know how you find that stuff, but AndSMB looks good I’ll give it a try and let you know

Once again thank you very much


Don’t thank me yet … thank me if your Android device doesn’t explode, and it works :wink:

Don't thank me yet .. thank me if your Android device doesn't explode, and it works

Well at least you put me on the right track so i should thank you for that if nothing else, if I screw it up it will be nobody elses fault but my own


Try installing app;

“Computer” by Sky software …

This support SMB and works pretty well for me … designed for tablet form factor.
(works on my phone, but it’s a but small)

hi Graeme and all

the easiest way i’ve found is by using “Kies air” which transfers data between the device and your computer via your url, very very simple

Kies air is a Samsung product and i don’t know if it works on none samsung products

its a free download from the playstore, well worth a try


Just as a matter of interest … do any of these allow media streaming, ie. the ability to play media across the network without having to copy the file to the tablet/phone first ?

yes Mark they can stream media,

the most popular air app is “air droid” which runs on most android devices, and is compatible with linux if you want to download to your pc as opposed to just using your url

a good instruction video How to use AirDroid on Android

hope that sheds some light


Thanks banko … one day I might even get an Android device, and check this stuff out myself :wink:


Hi guys thanks for all your help, looks like I’m spoilt for choice, anyway I’ll give one or the other of them a try

All the best for the coming year