Connecting an iphone

Hi guys

I’m trying to connect my daughters iphone to my PC (PM4) to get her photos off, the PC sees the device then asks the iphone if it trusts this PC if I click “trust” the message just kept coming back on the phone and refused permissions,

Any help would be much appreciated

Many thanks


You are very brave mentioning i products on this forum, Mark will be after you! You will be talking about iPads next!

Which iPretendtobearealphone is it ?

And don’t say … the one on the table :wink:

and is this iOS7 ?

You are very brave mentioning i products on this forum

I’m not scared of Mark…you don’t really think he’ll be annoyed do ya ;D

Which iPretendtobear ealphone is it ?

It’s an iphone 4 recently updated to ios7, I managed to get it connected in Windows7 (as much as it pains me to admit it) although it done exactly the same thing in Windows at first, then I installed itunes and it connected but it didn’t seem to use itunes to connect it just seemed to connect in Explorer, so it’s a bit confusing, the other odd thing is, I once connected her phone before to my laptop running PM3 without any problem but this was before the ios update


iOS7 is your problem … read this:

they’re about to release an update to libimobiledevice which will fix it … so you’ll just have to wait

iOS7 is your problem

Please excuse my ignorance but if iOS is the problem then why did it connect to Windows 7 and not Linux ?

I meant it’s the iOS7/Linux combination.

Apple obviously either updated windows through iTunes … or made M$ aware of the change.

Linux is left to catch up on its own again … so the problem is an Apple cre3eated one.

Yeah it seems the change has come about because of a security issue where a Linux PC can hack an iphone portraying itself as a charger, I don’t quite understand it but see here


It OBVIOUSLY came about NOT because of security … but to force Apple users to buy their chargers from Apple … it’s my guess Linux just got caught up in that, but the devs are onto it :slight_smile: