Connection to/from Sky Router.

Sky Broadband will be installed/active in a few days.

Just sorting out the cables.

Phone master socket to computer is about 15 feet.

Now for best connection would it be best to:

  1. Run a phone extension the 15 feet to the router beside the computer.

  2. Plug the router direct to the phone socket and use a 15 feet Ethernet cable to the Computer.

  3. Will it make any diffrence to connection speed whatever method is used…?.


Do not think it will make much difference either way. :slight_smile:
I get similar speeds on mine yet there is about 20m of telephone cable between the master socket and the router. Your call.

Use power line and go through your mains sockets, this is what I use:

Interesting question…

Theoretically I suppose the twisted pair ethernet cable would be better shielded … but the telephone cable carries a MUCH higher voltage so would be less likely to suffer signal degradation in the first place.

As SeZo suggests, I seriously doubt if you’d notice any difference over 15 feet … or indeed 30 meters.

Personally I’d go with the telephone extension as they’re cheaper and easier to hide :wink:

Thanks Guys for all your comments.

Looking forward to getting it up and running shortly.

Jocklad. :slight_smile: