**Contract** Senior Linux System Administrator - Feltham

Are you a Senior Linux System Administrator available for an immediate start as a Senior Linux Administrator in a mixed RedHat and Solaris environment?

Due to an increased project work load my client has an immediate requirement for a Senior Linux Administrator to join them on an initial 3 month contract.

My client is an internationally recognised brand with ambitions and extensive expansion plans.

As a Senior Linux Administrator you will be responsible for the all the hardware, systems and storage issues across the business in a BAU and project environment.

To apply for this role you will have:
• Proven ability to manage large scale high availability infrastructure
• Hands on experience with Administrating/upgrading RedHat/CentOS and Solaris systems
• Experience with Puppet or Chef or similar
• Overall knowledge of Oracle/Sun hardware
• Experience working with 3rd party suppliers

It will also be advantageous if you have experience with:
• Apache/Tomcat based webservers
• Knowledge/experience with Java based applications
• Experience with server monitoring (Nagios/BigBrother etc.)
• ITIL Server Management process

Key Senior Linux Administrator contract details:

Job Title: Senior Linux Administrator
Rate: £320 per day
Length: 3 - 6 months
Location: West London

Key Skills / Requirements: Previous experience as a Linux System Administrator, Unix System Administrator, Linux Engineer and commercial experience on RedHat, Solaris, CentOS, Oracle, Puppet, Chef, ITIL, Apache, Tomcat, Java, Nagios, High availability

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the posting - not interested in the position but thought I’d throw a little feedback your way, might be useful, you never know.

You’re advertising the job as a “Senior Linux System Administrator” yet there are many references to Solaris. At user level Linux/Solaris are indeed very similar, however at sysadmin level (as a Linux Sysadmin) they are very different, indeed far more so than for example the differences between different Linux distributions. Whereas I would be happy to work on any Linux distro and have worked on many Unixes over the last 25 years including AIX, AT&T V5 etc, I wouldn’t feel that happy working on Solaris. Moreover, given Oracle’s behaviour recently and from a ‘political’ perspective, I’d be happier working on Microsoft Windows based systems than anything that’s come out of Oracle. [!]

Also (this has come up recently on other threads) I would be very interested to hear “why” the customer in interested in knowledge of Puppet or Chef?

I spent three months last summer working on a contract almost exclusively in Chef and whereas I can see it has it’s uses (and I’m guessing from what I’ve heard the same applies to Puppet) I would observe;

  • It’s “horrible” to work with
  • It’s horribly mis-used / usbused and typically wastes vast amounts of time
  • It’s one of those things where a manager hears a buzz-words and decides they must have it, even if it’s 10x faster to do it via traditional methods

For anyone ‘really’ that way inclined, Ubuntu do something called “juju” which is to say the least a more interesting option than either of the above, albeit a little more Ubuntu orientated.

It might be useful to quote the version of CentOS they’re using, there seem to be an awful lot of idiots people out there still running on version 5 (or even 4) and 5 isn’t something one really wants to work on from a SysAdmin pov, and upgrading from 5->6 isn’t all that nice, in particular having to re-write all your Chef recipes to cope with the upgrade isn’t something anyone wants to do. (speaking as someone who’s had to do it)