Converting video

I’m looking for a good video converter to convert any file format to another. I have lots of videos I want to convert so that my XboX can play them.
I have some ‘MPG’ and have tried ‘Arista’ but it failed to convert them (and it has other faults). Any other ‘good’ converters to recommend me?

avidemux maybe ? … though I’ve ever had ANY issues with Arista and the Xbox ???

Have you converted any 'MPG’s?
The ones I recently creates ‘cat’ wont convert to the XboX format!

I’m somewhat at a loss as to why you would want to rip them as MPEG2, then convert them in another application to Xvid … just use one of the ripping apps to rip and convert to Xvid in one go ???

or if you have problems ripping/coverting “on the fly” (as I sometimes do), rip the whole DVD to a folder with DVD decryptor, THEN use one of the ripping apps to rip/convert from that folder … they ALL can load a DVD from a folder.

Cos it’s all new to me …

AND my XboX wont play MPG format

ALso, what I am ripping is all mixed up…
Episode 1 runs into 2 1/2 VOB’s
11111111 VOB 1

11111111 VOB 2

11112222 VOB 3

22222222 VOB 4

I had to split them by chapter to be able to join them together properly.

Have you tried WinFF?

Never even heard of it, 'Ive used XP for ages. Don’t know much about Ubuntu/Linux.
I’ll take a look at it, hopefully it’s what I’m after.

OK, here’s how I did it … remember, you may be able to skip the ripping with DVD Decryptor, and rip directly from the DVD with k9copy … this works on one of my PC’s but not this one …

Put your DVD in the DVD drive.

Open DVD Decryptor, and go to Mode > ISO > Read … now select somewhere to save the ISO (such as your home directory) … and let DVD Decryptor rip the DVD to an ISO image.

Close DVD Decryptor.

install k9copy:

sudo apt-get install k9copy

Start k9copy assistant

On the “Source” screen, select ISO Image … and navigate to your ISO.

Click Next

On the “Destination” screen select Rip and encode DVD … and select a destination.

Click Next

On the “Select Title” screen, tick only the title you want

Click Next

On the “Select Streams” screen … leave the AC3 6ch audio ticked, but untick the English subtitles (looks like a little symbol) … unless you want to keep them).

Click Next

On the “Set MP4 options” screen …

Select the Video tab, and change to Codec: XviD

Select the Audio tab, and change to Codec: Mp3 (lame) … Bitrate: 256

Click Finish

Now wait whilst it rips and encodes the film.

Once finished … you can delete the ISO image you made with DVD Decryptor.