Copy from windows into nano

I’m new to Linux and using it with a Raspberry Pi. I connect via a vnc and would like to use the copy and paste when copy text from a Google search in windows and the paste into nano. How do I do it, I’m stuck.

Are you saying you can’t copy/paste into anything, or just not into nano ?

if just nano (or the terminal), try Ctrl+Shift+V

In GUI apps:-
Ctrl+C = Copy
Ctrl+V = Paste

but in the terminal you also need terminal you aso need the Shift key … so
Ctrl+Shift+C = Copy
Ctrl+Shift+V = Paste

I work with my windows 10 laptop running VNC connected to my Raspberry Pi. I run terminal mode on the pi running nano. I want to copy code that I found using google in windows and paste into Nano, does that explain it?

Not really … are you able to copy text from Windows and paste it into anywhere OTHER than nano or the terminal (such as a GUI text editor) … or is your only problem pasting into nano (or the terminal) ?

If the problem is purely with nano … try the keyboard shortcuts I mentioned above.

If the problem is EVERYWHERE, which VPN server and client combo are you using ?

I can copy and paste in windows as per normal. I can copy and paste in nano. I cannot copy and paste between a windows page and nano running on the pi. is that better explained?

im using Reak VNC viewer on the laptop and TightVNC server on the Pi

Solved it, stopped using windows Google and used Epiphany and it worked, its a struggle for a windows man last 25 years…

It is for us all mate at first … then it all starts to gell and there’s no going back :slight_smile:

Nicely solved BTW :wink: