Copying tracks from a CD onto my laptop/Maxtor

Hey guys I cannot figure out how to copy some tracks from CDS onto my home folder, then my Maxtor HD. I have tried Brasero, Clementine, Audacious, Rhythm box and VLC! I just want to select certain tracks like I did on Windows Media player a few years ago. Brasero only seems to have the option to copy from CD to another and no way of selecting tracks. Any help gratefully received!

HI Melissa

You can do that with sound juicer you’ll find it in the repos and it’s dead easy to use but if you do have any problems post back here

Good luck


I found Asunder best for ripping audio CD’s

sudo apt-get install asunder

Another option would be Sound Juicer:

sudo apt-get install sound-juicer

but IIRC, that needed some tweaking to rip to mp3 … all covered here:

but IIRC, that needed some tweaking to rip to mp3

I wasn’t aware of that

I used Sound Juicer to rip all my CD’s and it worked perfectly out of the box no tweaking needed a simple straight forward application and dead easy to understand, but I suppose it might not be the same for everyone


That was foor “high quality” mp3’s … but it was a while ago now … maybe they’ve included the profiles by default now.

As I said, I switched to Asunder, which was IMHO better … at least it was back then.

Thanks guys- Asunder has copied the selected tracks of the first CD I tried and they are now on the Maxtor. By the way i discovered Audacious has an extra stereo setting- it sounds better!