CRASH !!! on my acer aspire one linux linpus lite

Hi -after downloading a file (not google) - i ve lost my internet connection -my documents contents and it seems i cant type into terminal ? Also the usb connections seem dead–The other programs open as usual —Can anyone help please?

Hmmm… I’m going to guess it’s either an inode issue (think of it as running out of space), or a corrupted file system… the problem is that if you can’t run commands it’s going to be impossible to confirm this.

Have you got access to a Windows PC and a USB memory stick of 2GB or larger ?
(so you can create a Linux LiveUSB to see if your documents etc. are still there, and move some off the SSD if necessary, or attempt to fix the file system… whichever is the problem)

Can you try getting to a command line in a different way…

When you first start the AA1 and the blue splash screen appears, hit Ctrl+C repeatedly, until you get a command prompt (white text on blue)… if you can get to this point, can you run this command, and post back the output:

df -i

That’s DF -I (but it MUST be lower case).

Hi Mark -thanks for replying --yes i have a seperate windows machine and a usb stick -however the aspire one zg5 isnt reading from any usb or sd cards .I tried ctrl + c several times but it wont jump to a command prompt. I have managed to get into the file manager program and although its not showing any files ,when i search under user folder then the files come up and are still accesible.Its almost as if i ve been locked out of the USER folders ?or they are just not showing.I cant get an internet connection either .I ve set up my machine with the right click to xcfe but the terminal just shows a single black block .I cant type any commands? I m not that bothered about my files as i luckily backed up about a week ago so if theres a way to reboot /restore then that would be great.
in cornwall

Just because the USB ports aren’t working from inside the operating system doesn’t mean that they are “broken”, and that you won’t be able to boot from a USB stick… it just means the OS has lost control of them.

If all you want to do is put it back to factory settings, see here:

It would be better if you still have the DVD that came with your AA1… then just follow the instructions in the video to create a USB stick installer.

But if you don’t have the DVD, there are links on that page to images that can be burned to a DVD, or installed directly(ish) to a USB stick.

If on the other hand, you’d like to create an Ubuntu LiveUSB, then boot to that and attempt to fix the AA1’s file system… let me know :wink:


Or for that matter, if you’d like to ditch Linpus Lite in favor of another more up-to-date Linux distribution :slight_smile:

Hi Mark - setting up a live usb sounds great!! thanks ! if you can send me the info i ll give it a go. (nfortunately these machines werent shipped with a dvd or any recovery software.) Id love to ditch linpus lite - my wife and daughter just surf and play basic games.

apologies - i seem to have a typing “u” problem on my windows machine…

OK, on a Windows PC, go here:
to download an ubuntu LiveCD ISO image.

Then follow the instructions from “Step 2” on this page:

(will work for 11.04 too)
Just make sure you set a “persistence” file during creation of the LiveUSB… see pic below

Then all you have to do is boot from the USB stick, by either setting USB as the first boot device in the BIOS, or hitting the “boot device selection key” when you switch your PC on then selecting the USB stick… usually the F10 or F12 key but varies from manufacturer to manufacturer… and when asked, select “Try Ubuntu” rather than “Install Ubuntu”.

If you can boot from the LiveUSB to a working Ubuntu desktop, let me know and I’ll tell you what to do next.

This will also allow you to take Ubuntu for a test drive without making any changes to the hard drive (SSD)… then you can see if you’d prefer Ubuntu to Linpus :wink:

Don’t make any speed comparisons by running Ubuntu from a LiveUSB stick though… it will be slower than when it’s installed to the SSD… ie. quicker once installed properly.

Ubuntu will also give you easy access to all the latest software.

Thanks Mark - i ll give it a go and report back later .

Can I just ask, what file were you downloading? If it was a program can I ask why you didn’t check the repo’s or software center? There is a reason they are there.

@ BkS

Have you seen the limited Linpus repo’s ? :wink:

@ morgan

have you been happy with the XFCE4 desktop ?

If so, you may be better of with Xubuntu than Ubuntu… same thing but with the XFCE4 desktop rather than the GNOME/Unity desktop.

Xubuntu may be a bit quicker on the AA1 than Ubuntu too as it’s a “lighter” dekktop.

Nothing to stop you trying both though… and any other distros for that matter, till you find one you like :wink:

He could add the Universal repo’s & Ubuntu repo’s could he not? Anyway despite that, these AA1s seem to be a big problem for Linpus.

Hi -not a program but an mp3-i m not sure if the download was relevant or not to the crash -but it was the last thing i did before it went bonkers— i ve given up trying to download any new software for this as its just a surf and play machine but its great to sit on your lap when you ve got some emails etc…i think maybe i should have replaced linpus but the limited ability of the zg5 put me off -and it was doing everything it needed to quickly and efficiently…

@ BkS

He could add the Universal repo's & Ubuntu repo's could he not?

Erm… NO.

Whatever you mean by “universal repo”, unless it’s specifically put together for Linpus, it would/could cause MAJOR dependency issues.

The Ubuntu repos, would do the same, not to mention they contain software packages for DPKG nor RPM, ie. Debian packages, not Redhat packages… and are totally incompatable.

it IS possible to add the Fedora core 8 repo’s but even theses are known to create some issues with dependencies because Linpus has so may “custom” packages of its own… problem is, the Fedora core 8 repos are also long past being actively supported too, so also only contain very old packages.

Anyway despite that, these AA1s seem to be a big problem for Linpus.

More that Linpus Lite (as the default OS), is a big problem for the AA1’s :slight_smile:

@ morgan

As I said I reckon the file system became corrupted at some stage… either because of running out of inodes, or just an input/output error.

One thing I’ll give Linpus is that it’s quick, on limited hardware… that said, the AA1 isn’t as limited hardware wise as people think… Linpus just leaves them with that impression.

Other than that, I’m sure that if you search these forums you’ll quickly discover my thoughts of Linpus Lite, and Acers decision to use it.

To save you time, I think I’ve said “Linpus Lite BLOWS CHUNKS” :wink: … and IMHO Acer were bordering on selling a device that wasn’t fit for purpose when they settled on Linpus Lite.

Hi Mark - i ve been really happy with the AA1 ,it cost me £120 (refurb) two years ago and its done the things it needed to -windows annoys the hell out of me as everything takes ages --the AA1 switches on in 20 seconds - i check my emails or whatever and i m off -also it keeps my daghter off my main comp.
i m trying to download the stuff now -

hi mark - Ican get to a run program box on the AA1 using alt F2 which gives me a cursor and a box i can type into-any help?

Agreed, for emails it’s fine, but if you want to browse the internet, and let’s face it that’s the primary purpose of a “NETbook”, selling a device with Firefox 2, that has no easy browser upgrade path (knowing future browser upgrades will be necessary for full access to the web), and designing the OS so that removing Firefox 2 will kill the OS… then providing NO support, and no way to fix the system (including not placing the recovery disk images online) was in my opinion bordering on criminal.

Not to mention this has left many users with a completely negative impression of Linux.

OK, mini rant over :wink:

hi mark - Ican get to a run program box on the AA1 using alt F2 which gives me a cursor and a box i can type into-any help?

I take it you mean in Linpus Lite ?

What happens if you hit Alt+F2, then enter terminal and hit enter ?

does a terminal open ?

HA ! and i have to use TALK TALK broadband as well to drive me totally insane…–still in linous lite -i can get to the terminal screen via alt f2 but i cant type into it -only one black cube -