Creating a new 'default.odt' in Libre office

I have created some new page style and I want to know how to save them so that when I reload LO they are there for me to use.
How do I save as a new ‘default. odt’, and where is it saved?

Sorted it, but it doesn’t exactly change the ‘default’ which is loaded up when you run LO, it just points it to another one of your choosing. If I remember correctly, you could actually edit the ‘real’ default page in Word (NO, I ain’t going back to Word!)

You obviously didn’t understand what was being described at the link I provided.

Save YOUR document as a template.

Then view the video at the top of this page:

to set it as the “default” template (ie. the one that opens when you start LibreOffice Writer)

The video doesn’t play, it just changes to a big grey box.

And I understand it, I don’t want to have to load up my own ‘default’ doc.
Where does it get the ‘default’ info BEFORE you create your own ‘default’ doc ?
THAT’S what I want to change.

Huh ???

…When you load up LO without already having made your own ‘default’ .odt, where does it get the ‘default’ page info from?

Why does it matter … you can EASILY get it to START with your own custom template.

It’s just something I wanted to do, it just seems like the way you explained seems like a sort of ‘get out’ way to do it and not a direct change.

Not saying there’s anything wrong with it.

It’s not a “get out” or a “workaround” … it’s the way it SHOULD be done, so you still have the original available if you should want to go back to it.

It also allows for the Linux multi user environment … ie. each user can have their own template without ALL users having the one you change forced upon them :slight_smile:

In other words, YOUR default template will be stored in YOUR home folder, but the SYSTEM default template will be stored system wide, so available to everyone.

Don’t forget, I’m saying that coming from a Windows environment.
Everything I’m tackling and finding a problem is because its a completely new way of doing things the linux/Ubuntu way.
Like I said in an earlier post, it’s like I’m back at square one as regards learning what to do with a new OS/system/language.
I have to start back at the beginning as it’s all new to me.

See here for how to change the default template in LO Calc :-

It’s the same for LO Writer … but obviously you need to do it from within Writer.

I don’t know if this LibreOffice extension will interest you, but here it is anyway:

I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for … but thought it a useful extension any way, so I thought you may be interested.

If I am correct, which I believe I am. Pooky’s interest is to create a page layout that will save the config exactly the way it was left and when he restarts the program his page style will be as how he left it.

I know from experience using MS Office, that you can change where tools go, where things like suggested templates go, etc. Kind of like your own “workspace”.

I believe this is what Pooky wants to achieve.

I’ve already explained how to start up with a different template.

I only put that extension forward because it looked interesting … not because it did what he asked.

I thought I mentioned that …

Yup, I did …

I know this isn't exactly what you asked for .. but thought it a useful extension any way, so I thought you may be interested.


I was just trying to get Pooky’s point across more clearly, as he obviously struggled to find the way to describe what he was looking for.


Well, if the ONLY way to do it is the way Mark describes, then that’s the way I’ll have to do it but as I’m the only one using this PC then what I really really want is the way BKS describes it.

OK, are we talking about a document template (already explained) … or the general layout of things like the toolbars etc (not the document) as BkS seems to be suggesting ?

The ‘Document’. But I’m sure somewhere I’ve seen the word ‘Master Document’ somewhere?