Creating a new Forum theme

So I’ve been playing with themes a little … text flowing underneath thumbnails images in the topic listing was bugging me … so there is now a “linuxforums” theme.

It can be selected using the drop-down at the bottom of the menu on the left (“Radiant” is currently the default theme).

How does this look, do I need to tweak anything before I make it default?

Can’t see a “linuxforums” theme in the theme list.
And "text flowing underneath thumbnails images in the topic listing " doesn’t ring any bells.

It’s between Kiosk and Material Design Theme here. Although I could not see any flowing text either with the Radiant theme either.

Ok, so Radiant theme;

Screenshot from 2024-04-08 15-06-23

Linuxforums theme;

Screenshot from 2024-04-08 15-06-53

Also Radiant;

Screenshot from 2024-04-08 15-08-39

Screenshot from 2024-04-08 15-09-33

And Linuxforums;

Screenshot from 2024-04-08 15-08-53

Screenshot from 2024-04-08 15-09-53

Thanks Gaz - I must be blind!
@MP: I see now what you mean about the Radiant text flowing under the icon. Either format looks fine to me.

+1 with Keith, no preference either way.

Ok, that’s now the default then, see if anyone screams … :wink:

Ok, I’ve tweaked a bit more … removed the “New topic” plugin, which seemed to have developed a bug … this has moved the positioning of “New Topic” in the header.

Also added a “featured articles” plugin, which shows on the “Latest” and “Categories” listings at the top. It should be a random selection from posts that have been tagged with the “featured” tag. Maybe gives random visitors somewhere to start, what do you think?

We now have two “Categories” at the top. I think we could dispense with the left-most one as it just echoes the list at the LHS. The RHS “Categories” is useful as it describes in detail what they are.

I can see “Featured” in “Tags” in the LHS menu list but not in the “Latest” and “Categories” at the top. Or perhaps you just mean that featured post-links have been added to those.

“Categories” and “Latest” look good.

Ok, now I have a theme set up and I can edit the html/css, it’s actually quite easy to hide stuff … have removed kind of irrelevant categories and tags … how’s that?

Looks good and uncluttered!

Ok, not sure how noticeable it is but I tweaked it again. It was overflowing a little on smaller screens (width=1280) so I’ve moved some of the margins / borders etc which also gives more width in some places. If anyone sees any negative effects let me know … :slight_smile:

Topic text is narrower (I think) but the rest of the page text below the topic (“New & Unread Topics”) is still wide.
OK for me (1366 px wide) but might defeat your object for smaller screens?

Mmm, not sure I follow … the problem I was seeing was that the banner / header was flowing off the right hand side as 1280. What I’ve done specifically;

  • Narrowed the left hand panel by ~ 1.5 characters
  • Narrowed the margin between the lh panel and main panel
  • Inserted a slight vertical space between the top panel and the main panel
  • Reduced the padding / horizontal margin for the main panel so there is more width
  • Centred the ad panels so they are main panel width independent

If you open a second screen and set it to “radiant” you can see the difference. Seems to work for me at full width (2560) and no longer overflows as 1280.

“Small” screens should be taken care of by the mobile profile, which I’ve not really messed with … but < 1280, yeah, not supported :slight_smile:

Is your 1366 problematic, is there a way it could be improved?

Topic text is narrower than the page text below but I can see everything on the page text ( 1280x800 screen )

Mmm, I’m not sure I’m following … the topic text is offset by the user avatar, so it will be inset by ~ 1+cm from the topic listing, because that’s the width of the avatar … what am I missing?

The problem stems from me increasing the overall width of the linuxforums theme slightly which caused a number of overflows. Some of the screens (category listing for example) were suffering from being just a bit too narrow …

Oh, wait, Ok, I think I see it … let me try …

Ok, did I get it?
Width of main-body was being limited by;

    --topic-body-width: 690px;

Swapped it up to 760 so there should be a good few additional characters worth of width there now … ?

That looks OK to me, the main thing is everything is visible.

Gaz511 +1 from me. It’s fine.