Crunchbang disappearing ?

Philip Newborough (aka. corenominal) the developer of CrunchBang has decided that it’s time to move on and leave it behind … says:-

See here:

Sad news indeed :frowning:

Yeah it’s sad to see a distro that’s been around as long as Crunchbang come to an end but as the man himself said “that’s progress” and judging by the tone of many of the posts on their forum it hasn’t come as a huge surprise by it’s users


Sad news indeed. As a one-time user (for couple of years) I can appreciate it’s appeal which many distros do not have.
Unfortunately this will happen to most (mainly) single developer distros as they burn out after a while.
Look at Bodhi, only Jeff’s comeback has moved things on.
Others might or might not pick up the pieces, time will tell. But there is definitely a place for a minimal distro like #!

Looks like some discussions are underway already on the #! forums about replacing it, they are looking for developer volunteers currently, possibly a Debian Maintainer to sponsor them.

Good … let’s hope someone picks it up and runs with it but doesn’t change direction too much :slight_smile:

Can you link to the forum discussion please (or is it at the link I posted) ?

I think this is the primary resurrection discussion board currently;

Thanks kirrus :slight_smile: