Dedicated hosted physical servers .. updated: one left

Ok, here’s another idea … I’ve a bunch of old rack mount servers, all sort of specs from fast Athlon’s to 3G Xeon’s … all catching dust.

I’ve also got a hosted rack with space and lots of network connections, all hung on the end of a couple of 10G fibres.

Servers in their own right are not very interesting, but how about renting a server if I stick it in the rack?

If anyone’s interested, let me know what sort of spec you need and I’ll have a dig through the store room and see what I can build up …

Hmm, im in need of a fast dedicated host [: i would host myself, but it seems like a big co-fuffle.
How much disk space, data transfer & bandwith are you offering? also how many emails, domain(s) etc are you allowing?

How much disk space, data transfer & bandwith are you offering?

Disk space … I’ve kit lying around - depends what you need … :slight_smile:
Transfer / bandwidth … ‘safe’ method would be to stick you on a 10M port, but again, depends what you need.

also how many emails, domain(s) etc are you allowing?

This would be a Linux server … I wasn’t offering a managed service - you could add whatever you want … (!)

i’ll need to write down some info then and get back to you [=

email & domains, i only use the one email, and one domain…

If you tell me what you’re looking to do, maybe I can recommend something? :slight_smile:

im not looking to do much, apart from host my site [:
basically for my media stuff, and updates and all the general stuff.

So you don’t really want a server, just website hosting ??

Is there a difference :frowning: ?

Yes… website hosting is getting your website hosted on someone else’s web server… renting your own server is just that!, you rent an ‘actual’ server, which you control online… you can install software, allow logins, add users etc.

When I say ‘actual’, it can mean a virtual or physical server, but MP is talking about physical servers here… effectively your own rented box, connected by him to a VERY fast connection, at a data centre that he rents rack pace from.

You could then run you own webserver and host your own and other peoples websites, and/or set up your own email server, and/or use it for offsite backup, etc.

You put many idea’s in my head.
I’ve still to learn PHP, Javascript etc. (looks at MP)

but if i have understood you correctly, what your saying is, MP is advertising physical servers which he owns for rent.
to which people can then host themselves & other people websites… and other things such as online network gaming?

Well MP would have to answer that one… I have no idea how bandwidth intensive a gaming server would be.

Game servers are generally relatively low bandwidth …


I feel dumb now :frowning: So basically what you’re saying is, if i have a server, I can host websites, forums, game networks etc etc. Right?

I dont want to turn this thread into a teachers class session, so if Mark / MP, if one of you could PM me please…

No problem, easy answer is that if you don’t know you want a server, then you don’t want a server … :slight_smile: … if you just want to host a PHP based website, then all you need is website hosting, take a look here;

So just out of curiosity do you still have any bits of kit lying around and space on the rack for it.

Cheers Makin

I guess I should update this … :slight_smile: … there are two left, one’s a multi-core, the other is a single …

Can’t do any more at £10 tho’ as they’re drawing about .7 of an Amp and it doesn’t cover the power costs (and as I’ve used my allocation I’d need to pay for more …)

Can do one for £20 a month tho’ which would cover the power costs …

To be brutally honest, the VPS’s we do will wipe the floor with physical servers … but they won’t come with the same sort of price capacity in terms of disk storage…
(and the’d be cheaper !)

Definetly interested, in a 20pound one. Have a few projects to work on.

You’re going to have to move faster than that :wink: , one left and it’s not in the DC at the moment. If you definitely want it, give me a call on the Linux help line (Advice option) on Monday (or mail me, madpenguin@) and I should be able to get it there for the 4th of Oct … or alternatively I can do you you a VPS immediately … :slight_smile:

“And there was one green server, sitting on the wall …”

Ok, so there were actually two and I didn’t realise … but this really is the last one … 2.8G Xeon (64bit) single HDD, 3G RAM, £20/month.

I dont want to turn this thread into a teachers class session, so if Mark / MP, if one of you could PM me please…