Deepin - Bluetooth audio connectivity


Recent install of Deepin and all is good but for bluetooth and user accounts.
Remembering I’m not all that tech savvy…

Bluetooth connects but laptop won’t push sound to device - I’ve tried a few.
Come to think of it, it won’t push audio out via a USB to the laptop stand either - will only come via laptop speakers.

And, I can’t add a new user under accounts. Each time I try to add the name, the field stays blank and a blank box appears above. Screen shot attached.

Any and all ideas gratefully received.
Thanks in advance.


I know pretty much nothing about Deepin … does it use PulseAudio ?

Can you select the audio output device in PulseAudio Volume Control

Mark, hi

Hi, yes, apparently it does as the app store is saying it’s already installed.
How do I get to it as it doesn’t have a desktop interface?


make sure pavucontrol is installed

then run it from the command line (if it’s not in the menu)



Thanks. Moved on from Deepin. It worried me and crashed heavily.
Now using Mint and learning my way round OpenSuse on a dual boot.
Have some Qs on that but will post on separate threads.