Deleted Bluetooth icon from Alacarte menu [SOLVED]

Ah, me!

Running Ubuntu 16.04 in classic mode
I wanted to check the name of the software that runs Bluetooth so ran Alacarte (Main Menu), located the Bluetooth menu item and right clicked on it. This displays two items: “Properties” and “Delete”. Guess which one I clicked on. Right first time - I deleted it.

In trying to replace the menu item, I found from the web that the command is “blueman-manager” but the nearest icon I can find is:
which is a grey symbol without the surrounding blue oblong.
Any ideas where I might find the right one?

SOLVED I downloaded a Bluetooth image from the web Reduced the size to about 2kB (using Pinta Image Editor) Saved it to [b]/usr/share/icons/gnome/32x32/apps[/b] with an appropriate name.

In Alacarte (Main Menu) I navigated to the Bluetooth menu item
Right clicked on it and selected “Properties” (not Delete this time!)
Clicked on the icon square at the left
Navigated to image file and clicked on it.

Voila! the image appears and the link works.
Note: it appears that all the icons in the Alacarte menus need to be about 1 to 2kB