Dell a step in the right direction

Hello all,

On my regular morning route around the internet (Linuxformus, slashDot, askUbuntu etc) I have stumbled across this:

Dell/Alienware are offering a low price (for Alienware) Ubuntu gaming rig that is tiny and designed for use with Steam and its big screen technology.

Looks like dell has figured out what people want from their PC nowerdays and I hope it will open linux up to more people.

So if anyone knows any gamers who are mostly Windows based make sure they have a look at this as well :slight_smile:

Yeh, I’d already posted about them (X51 range):

I agree they’re quite cheap for Alienware … at least in the US … god knows what they’ll cost if they ever supply them over here though.

On a related note … I wonder if we’ll see more of Linux as an option for the desktop if/when Dell goes private again (?)
(I’m wondering who the shareholders are/were, and if there was any pressure not to offer Linux)