Dell Latitude D420/430 (claimed)

Greetings. I’m left with these after closing down my business.

Several XP-era Dell core duo / core2duo 14" optical-driveless laptops, with 32GB SSDs, 1.5 or 2GB ram and new batteries and chargers, I want to find good homes for them, and have loaded on Xubuntu 14.04, making a few customisations in OEM mode so XFCE works well on the hardware (e.g. Windows key opens Whisker menu) and then the end user gets to set up their username, etc. on first use. Great for youtube, word-processing, photo-editing as long as you don’t mind them getting a bit hot underneath.

With chromebooks so ubiquitous now I don’t think these have mainstream appeal. Would welcome specific suggestions on people or small organisations who would want to use such a setup, or I will accept reasonable offers one per forum member, no quibble return if not happy or it dies in first few months. Let me know if you have specific requirements, e.g. bluetooth. Based in London, but can post anywhere in UK.


Note: removed price, this was just a suggested upper limit.

PM received from Mark Greaves and replied.

These have now been claimed, thank you for your interest.